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The latest work of the Final Fantasy series Tactical RPG has appeared and is
currently under registration.
SSR unit “Ya Sutra (Final Fantasy XIV: Jet Black Villains)” will be presented by pre-registered 500,000 people!

You can play a variety of quests such as “Story Quest”, “World Quest” and “Event Quest” where you can experience the stories of the nations and warriors set on the Adora continent.
In addition, there are “Multi Quests” where everyone cooperates and plays, and “Dwells” where they play against each other. In addition, it is also possible to play together “guild” together.
As we prepare for “strong enemy” for advanced people, it is full of や り elements.

Surrounded by powers, Rionis
continued to be an eye- catcher even though it was a small country.
The reason is the “ring” given to “the winged”.

ability to use and embody the embodied thought has been
so much a threat to each country.

However, the cruel destiny that is mixed in many layers
quietly erodes jealousy, love, and even friendship.

The twin princes born in Rionis,
Mont and Stern , were no exception.

Their feudiness would
open up the battlefront of a long-time illusionary war .

crystal that dazzling the light in this land, where the crowds are divided, is to
whom to smile.

<Battle system> The
highest peak tactical battle unfolded in 3D fields with height difference. Use your strategy to achieve victory.
As it is equipped with “auto mode”, “double speed mode”, even beginners can feel free to play.
In addition, certain characters have a special move called “limit burst,” which allows them to take advantage of the battle with a flashy dedication.
And series familiar “summoning beast” appears in powerful 3D movie. It gives the player powerful power.

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