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Far Cry Primal takes the formula of Far Cry 3 and 4 and presents it in a caveman setting. Instead of towers, there are bonfires; instead of vehicles, there are beasts to ride; instead of guns, there are clubs and bows. It’s still very much a Far Cry game, for better or for worse. Some new additions to the formula include an owl that gives you a literal bird’s eye view of areas, wild animals to tame and control, and some crafting and base-building mechanics.

The Good
1. The graphics. Far Cry Primal is a pretty game. The lighting in particular is fantastic. I have yet to see another game with lighting as beautiful as Primal’s. Whether it be the way grass and trees sway in the wind, the way moonlight bleeds through the trees at night, or all of the environmental effects and particles, Primal is definitely a good-looking game. I can’t help but take screenshots as I play.

2. The quest structure and general progression. Primal takes a cool approach to giving quests. Throughout the game, you work toward building up your own village. As time goes on, the village gets bigger and bigger, and more quests become available to you. There are main quests, which are given to you by key characters (Urki is my favorite) or are found out in the world. Then there are secondary quests which are given to you by villagers or people in your tribe out in the wilderness. In general, you speak to someone about a quest, they then mark an area for said quest somewhere on your map, you then make your way to said marker, then the quest begins. It may bother some, but I felt it to be more organic than how past games handled things.

3. Crafting and village building. You will collect various animal skins, different kinds of rocks, a plethora of wood, and various other things throughout the world to use in crafting. You can craft new weapons to aid you in combat, or you can use the crafting materials to build new huts for key villagers. New weapons, items, and quests become available to you through crafting things. As your village gets bigger, villagers will begin to collect crafting materials for you, which you can then find at many camps spread throughout the world.

4. Beast taming and hunting. There are many animals in Primal–some friendly and some not. A few among the non-friendly ones include wolves, bears, panthers, and sabretooth tigers. You can toss up some meat near one and make them into your friend. They will aid you in combat and in hunting, and a few of them can even be ridden to make traversal less of a chore. Each tamed beast has its own strength, speed, and other perks. As for friendly animals, those include things like deer, fish, and turtles. You can hunt and skin most animals for their hides or meat.

5. Exploration and collectibles. The world of Primal is big and beautiful. At times I feel it’s a bit too big. There are many different kinds of areas: wet grasslands, tall forests, closed-in caves, flowery fields, snowy mountains, fiery ponds, and more. Each has its own secrets to be found and collectibles to collect. There’s a real sense of verticality to most of the areas, what with the mountains and hills that dot the landscapes. You eventually get an owl which aids you in exploring the world from a bird’s point of view. There’s also plenty of collectibles: stones, cave paintings, masks, and more. Honestly, they serve no significant purpose. I’d like to see these kinds of collectibles removed from future Far Cry games or at least be given some greater purpose than a useless collectable.

The Meh
1. Caves. There are a dozen or so caves to find and explore. Some are cool, but most were a chore. They’re too tight and frustrating.

2. No way to block melee attacks. Considering the game has a greater emphasis on melee attacks, it’s surprising to see the lack of any way to block with clubs or spears. Not a deal-breaker by any means, but I would have liked to see some blocking, as melee felt clunky at times.

3. Climbing. I wasn’t a big fan of climbing in Far Cry 4, and while it’s more thematically appropriate in Primal, I still am not a big fan of it. Climbing isn’t fun. It’s slow and boring. But hey, it saves time from having to walk around hills and mountains at times. If climbing returns in future games, it’d be nice if it could be faster, or maybe it could be done via a motorized grappling hook.

4. Villagers’ teeth. For a game set in 10,000 BC, it was surprising to see how nice and straight villagers’ teeth were. This is just a nitpick, but something I noticed.

The Bad
1. The story. The weakest part of Primal is its story. Whereas Far Cry 3 and 4 both featured interesting villains with their own motivations and ideals, Far Cry Primal falls flat. Instead of having a single villain, Primal offers two other tribes that are fighting for land and resources. There are no real nuances to either groups’ motivations, and memorable moments are few and far between. It is very much tribal (perhaps the game should have been called “Far Cry Tribal”?). You learn just a little bit about each toward the end, but nothing significant. Primal is a very slow burn kind of game. Stay for the brutal wilderness and the crafting and hunting mechanics, not the story.

2. The map marker isn’t accurate. Countless times I would mark a collectable on my map only to find it dozens of feet away from the marker. This is only really an issue if you’re aiming for 100% (which I did). It’d be nice to see the marker be more accurate when marking collectibles in future games.

3. Tamed beasts ruin stealth. A few of the tamed beasts will be stealthy with you, but most give out your location pretty quickly. If you’re going for a stealthy approach, dismiss your beast beforehand.

4. The world is too big. As someone who dislikes fast travel, I found traversing the world on foot or on beast to be a bit too mundane toward the end of the game. I’d rather see smaller, more richly populated worlds than larger, sparse ones.

5. Issues with quests. There’s one hunting quest that is bugged. I spent more time that I am willing to admit trying to get it to work. I got it in the end, but it’d be nice if more major bugs were patched. There’s also an issue where I would clean out a camp of enemies, accept a quest nearby, only to return to said camp and see it fully populated again.

6. Recurring issues. Primal has some of the same issues that have plagued the series since 3 and 4. Namely, there are plenty of weird or broken animations. Sometimes I’d jump to a ledge only to fall a bit before the climbing animation kicked in. Sometimes the animation wouldn’t be lined-up well with said ledge. Sometimes I’d skin and animal only for the animation not to line up, or for the animal to roll down a hill as the animation played. The same was true for looting enemies. Some of the plant-cutting animations were strange as well, where the animation would play and then the plant would just vanish. More polished animations would be welcomed in future entries.

7. Late-game difficulty. The game became too easy about half-way through. I deliberately went out of my way to avoid getting all of the upgrades, but even so, I had become a master of combat. With the exception of one late-game boss encounter, the general difficulty curve quickly drops off. I’m not sure how this could be fixed, but a more consistent difficulty curve would be nice for later entries. At least there’s hardcore mode, which looks pretty cool. I haven’t tried that, but I did play in “expert” mode without the HUD on. That was fun.

All in all, Far Cry Primal is another Far Cry game. Whether that excites or bores you depends on many factors. Primal tries to shake up the formula by adding beast-taming, a greater emphasis on exploration, and crafting mechanics, but it’s still a Far Cry game. I had fun, and I recommend the game, but you should know what you’re getting yourself into before making a purchase.

How To Download and install

1) Download APK + OBB file
2. Extract the zip files by WinRar
3) Install APK file
4) Obb folder move to Sdcard/android/obb/
5) Enjoy playing the game

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