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Far cry 4 Android is an action-adventure game based on first-person shooter concept. It is the next product in Far cry series, previous Far Cry 5 Android. This game has single player as well a multiplayer mode.

Far Cry 4 Android gameplay

The game has fictional set up in an imaginary Himalayan country Kyrat. The main story involves the capture of a young guy, named Ajay Ghale, in a civil war. The main focus of the game is on exploration and combat. Players need to battle the enemy soldiers and also wildlife with the help of various weapons. The game has features similar to the ones in any role-playing game like interconnected branching storyline & side quests.

The players assume the role of Ajay Ghale. They can run, crouch, leap and take help from a wide range of weapons ranging from a simple knife to rocket launcher. There is a new feature in this version of Far cry – the players can also kick now and hide corpses of the enemies. The game features several environments like forests, mountains & river. There are various modes of transport available on the game in order to allow players to move faster. Autodrive system controlled by AI is also one of the attractions of the game. There is a map editor featured in the game.

How to download and install Far Cry 4 on Android

Just click the download button below
Wait until the file is downloaded then open it
Install Far Cry 4.apk file on your Android device
Follow the instructions inside
Start and Enjoy the Game

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