Element TD Paid APK Download Android v1.9.4

Element TD MOD Hack Crack APK Game Free Download,Element TD mod coin unlimited money full unlocked, Elemental Tower Defense is a once extremely popular strategy in the tower defense series. However, over time, the game is simply outdated, having lost its position against the backdrop of more modern games of this genre.
A developer studio called Element Studios decided to give a hit of the past a second life by releasing a modern redesign called Element TD. Element TD is a tactical strategy from the tower defense series, with classic game mechanics and a fantasy storyline. It would seem nothing new, but this is far from the case. In addition to an impressive set of maps, various game modes and difficulty levels, the creators of the game implemented more than 44 types of towers in the game, with the possibility of using 6 elements. With all this diversity, you have to fight more than 50 types of various enemies.

Element TD returns in this tower defense game based on elemental combinations. The elements you choose determine the towers that you can build. Countless combinations offer more strategies to discover.

Element TD provides hours of challenging gameplay to fans and new players alike. The level of depth and replayability are unparalleled among tower defense games;

– Global leaderboard to compete against your friends and the world
– 44 different towers with unique abilities and multiple upgrade paths
– 56 different creep types to challenge your defenses
– 5 different maps to mix up your tactics
– 6 different elements (Light, Darkness, Water, Fire, Nature, Earth)
– 4 different modes (Random, Chaos, Rush, God)
– 5 different difficulty settings
– 30 different achievements to complete
– Family-friendly theme so everyone can play this defense game

v1.9.4 Original

07/16/2018 – The maximum level of increase has been increased
– now the god mode begins with the boss wave in classic games.
– Fixed elementary arrows / cannon towers returning when loading a game.
– Fixed several outstanding spots on the ice map.
– Fixed creep bar positioning.
– Fixed tower information. disabling the panel
– Fixed errors sending points
– Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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