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Durango Wild Lands APK Game Free Download is a great MMORPG on Android with a huge open world! Developers offer players travel back to a remote prehistoric era. When dinosaurs and other living creatures lived across the Earth, there was a danger at every turn! In the game you will have to unite with other players from all over the world for one reason – to survive! Go with friends to hunt, fishing, build and fortify walls.

#1. Survive
Though there is no limit to the greatness you can achieve, all of Durango’s denizens have humble beginnings.
It won’t be long before you discover that your first roughly hewn stone blade is not only a great tool, but a vital weapon!

#2. Settle
Forget apartment-hunting—Durango’s real estate is first come, first serve!
Scour Tamed and Civilized Islands for that perfect wedge of land to claim as your own,
then turn it into your dream home using nothing but the sweat of your brow!

#3. Explore
Let the race for resources begin!
Venture to perilous Unstable Islands to collect essential items.
But be careful—rarer resources mean more dangerous dinos!

#4. Unite
Even as we summited the highest peaks, roamed the endless fields, and endured the trials of deserts and jungles alike, our greatest discovery was the solace we found in each another. Welcome to clan life!

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