DUAL! APK Download For Android

DUAL! APK Game Free Download – multiplayer arcade game created for two players to play on different devices. In this game, you will control a spacecraft on your device, and shoot at an enemy ship that is on another device. All the bullets that you release, will fall on the screen of your opponent, and bombed his ship. Also beware of his shots, tilting your device without letting your ship down. Connect to this game via Wi-Fi and compete with your friends to achieve the best results and complete victory. Play and unlock all collectible colors, playing against different opponents.

+ Battle locally over WiFi or Bluetooth.
+ DUEL – Tilt your phone, dodge bullets, charge, and shoot your friends in this classic duel standoff.
+ DEFEND – Work together to defend the middle from an onslaught of attackers.
+ DEFLECT – Score goals by blasting, banking, and curving the ball from one screen to the other.
+ Only one person needs to have the full version unlocked to play DEFEND and DEFLECT with another player.
+ Collectable color sets unique to your device; unlock them all by playing against different people.
+ Single one-time in-app purchase to unlock the full game, and restore it on all your devices using the same account.
+ Stats, achievements, and leaderboards.

v1.3.09 Full

03/19/2018 – Fixed bugs.

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