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Dragon Ball FighterZ is now back again with the new game play with the new updates and has the more features than that of the previous version and it is now re-released for the Android (APK) . So this time Dragon Ball FighterZ has the completely new game style or the gameplay, the game now features the different dragon ball characters where the player can take control on them and can have different game style and can even play the multiplayer with the friends as well as the enemy on the online video gaming. Because of that the game has been the best dragon ball video game. First this game was set to be released on the Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, XBOX One but now the gamer of the Android (APK) requested to develop or the released on the Android (APK) so this game is now finally Pre-released on the Android (APK) with the amazing gameplay and the quest.

For decades, game developers have tried to deliver exciting Fighting games without compromising on gameplay or animation quality. This genre has always had a steady following because it offers intense combat, usually with a single opponent, where a player can focus on a variety of factors – control, movement, defense, attack combos, and strategy, to name a few. Not many Fighting games manage to reconcile all these factors in a manner that satisfies today’s gamer.

Dragon Ball FighterZ, created by well-known game developers- Arc System Works, has proven to be one of the best Dragon Ball fighting games so far. With Bandai Namco Entertainment as its publishers, Dragon Ball FighterZ re-introduces the classic Dragon Ball saga to contemporary gaming consoles (Play Station 4, X-Box and Microsoft Windows) while staying true to the original 2D animation style and visual details. The game built with the Unreal Engine 4 and was released worldwide on January 26, 2018 (February in Japan).

Dragon Ball FighterZ has elements similar to other fighting games but also introduces abilities unique to this game. The gameplay allows you to select three characters for a fight and control one at a time while being able to switch between the characters in a 3versus3 tag-team style fight. You can also summon one of the non –active characters to aid you in an attack combination or specific move that requires more than one character.

There are basic moves universally performed by all characters as well as particular actions assigned to each character. Although each character has a unique power move, the controls remain more or less the same, allowing beginners to quickly learn how to control three different characters in a single fight. Whenever a character is defeated, a small cut-scene is played, giving players a short time to brace themselves before they resume fighting with the remaining characters. Melee fighting and projectiles are both parts of each character’s arsenal. The game also offers special moves and combination attacks that require time and practice to execute. This gives the game enough depth for more advanced players of the genre to strategise and fine-tune their skills, allowing more precise movements and well-timed attacks. The control and gameplay, therefore, have a healthy balance of basic moves that can be learned quickly, as well as higher level abilities that demand more advanced skills that only hardcore gamers may be able to perform. This aspect of the gameplay that accommodates players of varying skill levels is part of the reason why the game has been in high demand since its release.

Even while playing on the small screen of mobile platforms- android and ios, the game still is extremely enjoyable and provides all the crazy features as similar as playing it on console itself. No wonder the game has crazy hype..

All the previous Dragonballz games has always been extremely popular among the fans. From the classic budokai series to dragonballz dokkan battle mobile to dragonball figtherz, all games were insanely loved. And this new dragonballz game is a figthing game that got all the new characters from dragonballz super series and is more of the insane fighting game, it is now available on Android and on IOS platforms

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the Action arcade fighting video game which was set to be released on the February 2018 but the developer of this game has made this game available before for the Android (APK) which is the great news for all the gamer of the Microsoft Windows. Dragon Ball FighterZ is action video game is 2.5 dimensonal game developed by the Arc System Works and Published by the Bandai Namco Entertainment. Dragon Ball FighterZ for Android (APK) now uses the Unreal Engine 4 gaming engine which is amazing for the game of the Android devices, this Unreal Engine make the gaming experiences more smooth as well as the glitch wont be found on the game which is great for the gamer of the Phone/Mobile. Dragon Ball FighterZ is now finally compatible for the Samsung Series, Huawei Series, HTC Series and many other Android Tablets/Note.

Dragon Ball Fighterz can be played in different modes depending on the player’s mood and requirement. The single-player option allows you to compete in a story mode or a more competitive arcade mode. Gamers who enjoy interacting and playing against other players can opt for the online multiplayer mode. Players can choose from a diverse list of 24 characters taken from the original Dragon Ball franchise. In the story mode, the player progresses by fighting clones and opponents with cutscenes in between that lets you follow the story arc (one specially written for the game). These cut-scenes feature dialogues and interaction between characters that are in alignment with their relationships in the animated series. The story is lengthy but exciting enough to keep players engaged. They also serve as a quick relief between intense fights that the player has to go through in this mode. Progressing through these story-driven fights and the story arc can earn you reward points which you can redeem for certain in-game enhancements. The arcade mode is significantly harder, where you fight against the specific groups of opponents controlled by the computer. Players are graded after each battle, and this determines which level of difficulty you can continue playing in. No wonder the arcade mode is considered to be a good test of your skill level and fighting abilities. The online multiplayer mode lets you connect to servers in specific geographical regions and compete with players all over the world.

Other distinct features of this game include:
1. Well-known cut-scenes from the original Dragon Ball anime.
2. The game’s dynamic surroundings can be damaged/destroyed during fights.
3. Aerial fight maneuvres are similar to the animated series.
4. A lot of attention is given to the visual detail of characters and game dynamics.
These are little of the things we have uncovered. The players become instantly addictive to the game once they start playing it. Most of the people prefer playing it on console but for the people who do not own a console wants an alternative that is – to play it on android and on ios platforms. The game is so good that no matter on which device/ console you play, you fall in love with it.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the franchise of the Dragon Ball Series which is pre-released for the Android devices. This game has the different concepts of the different arcade video game which is the Marvel Vs. Capcom as well as the Tekken seris video game which has been the best game for the consoles as well as for the Android devices. In Dragon Ball FighterZ now the player takes the 3 players on each team and they can fight with the 3 other enemy or the opponent. To win the game on this game the player need to knock out all three opponents and they are declared as the winner of the game. So this time the player need to defeat all the three character/opponents to win the game otherwise the game wont get finished and the game will be longer than the expected.

How To Download, Install And Play New DragonBall FighterZ Game On Mobile:
Download Dragonball FighterZ Android Ios
Download the new Dragonball fighterZ game apk(25MB) or ios/ipa file from the link given down below.
If you are an Ios user, download the dbz apk game ios/ipa file from the link, install and open it and download the additional dragonballz game files.
And for the android version, save up good storage space on your phone(approx 2.3gb total for additional data/obb files).
Before installing this dragonballz game, make sure you allow the installation of applications from unknown sources from the mobile settings.
Finally, install the downloaded dbz apk file on your device, launch it and it should automatically download the additional game data/obb files.
After the data is completed downloading, the DBZ game will itself launch

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