Downwell APK + OBB For Android

Downwell is an addictive and popular “bottom-hole” adventure-style adventure game from the DevolverDigital studio, originally released for iOS and PC, and finally, after a long time, we have released an Android version of Google Play for $ 3.00 And as always, we decided to introduce it to Android users for the first time in Iran. In this game, which has badly got addicted gamers uncontrollably these days, there’s only one way to go: down! The main character is sitting on the bench in a pleasant night under the tree and moonlight, but smiles, but when you take control of it, you will not find a way to keep that silence! Or you have to look at his face or you have to enter the underground world to start the tension engine, challenge and excitement of the game into the wells that are nearby! The game has a platformer style in which you have to collect diamonds and entertain yourself for hours!

Some features of the Android Downwell addictive action game:
Different modes to play
Great sound with diverse music playback
Unique design with addictive gameplay
V1.0.74 version changes:

* Fix graphics bugs, build and … games .

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