Minecraft Pocket Edition + BETA v1.11.0.4 + Mod

Minecraft – Pocket Edition is one of the most popular, most popular and fun arcade and arcade games from the Mojang gaming studio.
Various versions are available for different operating systems, and we are asking for users to introduce their Android version! The Android version of Minecraft – Pocket Edition is selling for $ 6.99 on Google Play and has taken over 10,000,000 purchases this time, and it’s a real surprise for a game with this price! In the game MikeCraft you are free to build and create a dreamy city with all the features and the most beautiful possible! In general, get what you want and think about and make it yourself! Construction in the game is very easy, you have all the blocks and shapes you want in different dimensions and all you need to do is put these blocks together as best as possible; So it needs a lot of precision, because placing a piece in the wrong place, in addition to damaging the building’s shape, may cause the entire building to collapse and force you to start a new building from the beginning!

Some Minecraft Game Features – Pocket Edition Android:

Build different types of structures by player
Providing all kinds of items including blocks and so on
Excellent sound with diverse music playback
Having a really addictive and different gameplay
Ability to play group games with friends with WiFi
Despite its excellent sales, Minecraft – Pocket Edition has managed to score 4.5 out of 5.0 with more than 8500,000 votes. Note that the gameplay is not graphical, but its unique design will fascinate you! If you’re interested in specific Android games and are looking for a beautiful Android game, you’re by no means MikeCraft – do not miss the envelope.

Updates updates
• Sea Turtles
• Sea Turtle Eggs
• Scute and Turtle Shell items
• Potion of the Turtle Master
Further information
Unlocked premium skins
Unlocked premium textures

Unlocked premium skins
Unlocked premium textures
No damage mod
Unlimited breath
Max Inventory Size
ONE hit kill with weapons
Max score
Indestructible Tools





v1.11.0.4 Beta Original. Mod: everything is open. Mega mod. Android 2.1+

03/09/2019 – Fixed bugs.

Mod: everything is open:
– Unlocked premium skins
– Premium open textures

Mega mod:
– Premium premium open skins – Premium
unlocked textures
– No damage modifications
– Unlimited breath
– Maximum inventory size
– God mode.

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