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Injustice: Gods Among Us Farsi (Injustice: The Gods Among Us) is a fantastic new game with a fantastic and stunning graphics in the style of cabaret games and action for the Android operating system that has long been on the floor today Story released!
An amazing game of fights between fictional heroes, in which you compete with other heroes as popular heroes, including Superman, Batman, etc., and bring you the best adventure and action adventure game on your Android! The story starts from where Jokers poison Superman, and Superman kills his wife and his family because of this poisoning that affects his brain and makes the city chaos! At the beginning of the game, Batman is being interrogated by junk who comes up with Superman, and because of the joke that sounds, Super I make her work! During this time, the story of a switch to the old time and several years ago, where Batman went to Junkers’ meeting, sees no news of joking, and ran away; there are a lot of things happening so that ultimately the Joker button activates the bomb And with the device it is near, it will be teleport to the next time!

Meanwhile some other heroes such as Wonderwoman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Batman and Joker are transmitted to space, and the next time (where we first saw the game and Superman destroyed everywhere and Joker and Some people were killed!) It’s all the wonder why they were teleporting in the next time instead of blasting the bomb! Even the joker himself was surprised at the incident and did not know what had happened! We are now in a position where Superman takes control of the city and the rest of the heroes, whether they are unwilling to follow it! Otherwise superman will take their lives without any hesitation, and nobody thinks! Where these heroes are faced with their own future and they see a different personality! Where the vague points of the game turn on!




v3.2 Original

03/10/2019 Greet the new characters in the Phantom Zone: WOMEN-CAT from Batman Ninja, SHAZAM from New 52 and BLACK ADAM from New 52! Special Cats based on the Dark Force steal equipment of enemies, “The Power of Sh.A.ZA.M.A.” gives him unlimited power, and the Black Adam allows metal allies to quickly receive special methods of the Dark Power! Unlock them in the Phantom zone or a set of “H-metal”. The update also introduces corrections to the survival mode, where you can get H-metal as a reward!

OBB for game Injustice: Gods Among Us: download through the application
– install apk, run the game!

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