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Door Kickers: Action Squad is a crazy old-school style scrolling shooter that puts you in the role of special forces soldier and sends you to fight the bad guys in the city of Nowhere in the USA. Choose your equipment, knock the doors and take action. Adapt to the situation and quickly respond to what is happening around you. Use distance and shelter to your advantage and use the strategic abilities in the game to decide for yourself when you need first-aid kits or reloading equipment. Or simply accumulate your earned points and free your squad by removing all the bad guys in the room.

Features of Door Kickers: Action Squad:

High detail retro graphics.
6 game characters, each with unique gameplay and level-up opportunities
Unique in-game strategic ability system
84 non-linear levels for passing
Endless Tower Defense mode
60 units of weapons and equipment
20+ types of enemies and 4 mission goals
Zombie invasion mode, allowing you to play the game in a new way

v1.0.32 Original
04/06/2020 – No changes indicated.

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