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Dinos online APK Game Free Download is an online role-playing game that takes you back to the days when dinosaurs were you in charge of the food chain. We become a dinosaur and go hunting, attacking other weaker dinosaurs or hitting the flock, attacking a large individual immediately. Dinosaurs have their own tribes and it is necessary to make it so that your flock is dominant in its territory. If this is not enough, you can go on a hunt for a huge King Kong, although it will be so easy to fill it up, but having tasted the meat of an unknown organism, you yourself can become King Kong in another world.

Find and hunt prey for your survival, and grow faster and more strongly than other dinosaur tribes.
You can protect your tribe from the threat and attacks of other tribes, and enjoy hunting with friends from all over the world. Don’t miss out the opportunity to meet enormous kinds of dinosaurs and living things from the Jurassic period. Oh, you can meet alien beings.

· When you start the game, you can choose one tribe among Dilophosaurus, Compsognathus, Oviraptor, and Velociraptor.
· You can find an enormous kinds of dinosaurs that lived in the Mesozoic Era such as Velociraptor and T-rex, a carnivorous dinosaurs, as well as Apatosaurus and Triceratops that are herbivorous dinosaurs.
· If you succeed in hunting, other dinosaurs of your tribe around you also receive the experience points.
· You can enjoy hunting in the map that has over 13 various characteristics and geographical features.
· You can summon the dinosaurs of your tribe through the summoning function.
· If you die several times in the beginning of the game, you will be transformed into a huge different dinosaur for each tribe.
· Try hunting a gigantic King Kong in the King Kong Field. If you succeed in its hunting, you will receive a Tyrannosaurus pet as a reward.
· You can fight all dinosaurs regardless of tribes only in the Colosseum of map.
· In the Black Hole region where a meteor has dropped, you can meet huge monsters that have appeared in 4Force Online game.
· In the Sky Land, you will turn into a King Kong if you eat a dead extraterrestrial life.

v1.1.5 Original

4.02.2017 – No changes indicated.
OBB to Dinos Online game: folder from the archive to unpack / All Android / OBB /
– should get so /Android/obb/com.hanaGames.DinosOnline/
– decompressed cache size 244 MB
– install apk, run the game!

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