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Counter-Strike – Probably in the world there is not a single gamer who at least once has not heard about this game. Yes, this is what many have been waiting for so long, the real and original counter strike 1.6. This game is a complete copy of its original, and here everything is the same, the same cards, the same guns, the same meat! This shooter does not require extra ideas, team battles on maps that many of us know for memory. But what is remarkable, even bots were able to port to this version of the game! So you can always practice alone. Management also deserves praise, and although at first it will be a little difficult, then you will be easier. Time to pick up a weapon, and return to the good old CS 1.6.

v1.35 Original. Xash3d

07/05/2019 – No changes indicated.
OBB for the game Counter-Strike: unpack the folder from the archive into /
– it should work like this / xash
– the size of the unpacked cache is 477 MB
– install Xash3D
– install apk, start the game!

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DOWNLOAD APK Xash 3D 9.25 Mb