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Modern Warfare Remastered is a graphical and gameplay upgrade from the original 2007 Modern Warfare. MWR is developed by Raven Software, which are also the same devlopers of COD Online and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

The game is set in 2011, the story is split up via two factions which every mission you’ll be playing one of the factions and later you will play both in the same mission. Every mission has been thoughtfully recreated in full 1080p (and 4K if your PC can handle it) the layouts, enemy placements and dialogue is all the same as the original except some in game cutscenes. This is great for loyal fans of the franchise, players that have played the original will notice certain additions on top of the remaster which seperates it from the original. You’ll find that in the tutorial mission there are more tutorial areas in the level which was actually originally intended in the original. Some objects have been moved but they are mostly moved to different areas which old players will recognise.

As said before, the in game cutscenes have been changed but are mostly the same, the major difference is that these cutscenes are alot more cinematic and mostly resemble the current day Call of Duty campaigns. This isnt bad, honestly this makes the game alot better and makes the game alot more action based then it already is. Although I do recommend to turn off Motion Blur as it made me motion sick and I never have got motion sick from a game EVER.

So the Campaign is good, if you liked the original Modern Warfare, you’ll love this faithful Remaster of one of the best Call of Duty games. But its time to go onto the bad side of this game, Optimization and Multiplayer.

The PC Port of MWR is riddled with stuttering, crashes and graphical bugs. Even with the latest drivers, you will experience these issues, including “low disk space” on a hdd with 500gb free space. The FOV in Campaign cannot be altered and most tools which allow you to scale the fov have been disabled by the game from security updates.

On top of all this, if you dont have shader cache enabled and sun spot shadows disabled, you will have muddy textures, stuttering, more crashes, audio stutter, audio delay and graphical bugs. On top of that, MWR is on the in house engine that Sledgehammer own, the same engine for AW and WW2. This means that all the issues you had with AW PC and WW2, are all in MWR. So unless you own a 1080 and an i7, you are most likely not to run this game at an acceptable level. This leads me onto Multiplayer, which should’ve never been implemented.

I really dont know where to start, if anything this is a fan remake, not a remaster. Although all your favorite perks like Juggernaut have made their return, the multiplayer is airsoft. The TTK is so short unless you have Juggernaut, snipers dominate half the maps in the game, Activision are greedy and have added loot boxes, although you can earn loot boxes through a gameplay based currency (Depot Credits), the most you can get in a normal game of MWR is 2. The prices of Common Drops are 10 and the Rare Drops are 30. This means you have you play 5 matches for Common which can last up to 10 minutes and for Rare you would have to play 15. The alternative is to spend real money which there is still no guarentee you will recieve anything good out of these loot boxes.

The Campaign is the only reason why you would want to buy MWR, but with a low player count and broken multiplayer, I dont see this being worth $40 or even $30 with the ongoing weekend deal. Buy this game when its on sale or if you own a console, buy the game on console. Call of Duty has always worked for console and MWR still has an active community on Xbox and Playstation.

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