Call of Duty Black Ops 3 APK + OBB Free Download

Call of Duty: Black Ops series are my most favourite CoD games as well as Modern Warfare series. I bought this game is purely for single player campaign and zombie mode. Personally, I had spent more more than 12 hours to finish campaign (Hardened mode). The storyline of this game still not bad, and it features “high wall run, high tech nano machine,etc.
For zombie mode, it is definitely worth it to play. Although I am not a great player with this challenging mode but still very enjoy to play it.

For multiplayer mode, I heard there are a lot of cheaters or hackers used 3rd party cheating tools. Also, one of my friends has been issued a permanent game ban due to his game stats has been altered and damaged by hackers. My friend is a victim in this situation since he never involved in cheating. So if you want to play multiplayer, it is better for you to find your friends to play with you in private lobby. Do not play with any stranger that you dont know, or you will bear the risk to get game ban.

Furthermore, if you are interested in hunting achievement, then you will have to own “Full base game+ Zombie Chronicle DLC+ Season Pass”. I give overall rate for this game: 8/10. Only buy it during the sale since it is very expensive in price. What a money hungry, Activision.

Another thing, Treyach will be releasing CoD:Black Ops 4 (Battlenet) on Oct 12. But as a CoD fan, I would not recommend you to waste US$ 60 to buy BO4 but recommend BO1,2,3. After watching reveal trailer of BO4, Im very dissapointed because the traditional single player campaign is being cutted and replaced by Battle Royale Mode. When I watch trailer, i think BO3 was coming out again. I mean it looked exaxtly the same lol. Please be considerare when you decide want to prepurchase BO4.

Sorry for my bad English. Anyway, hope you can enjoy my review and have an amazing day.

How To Download and install

1) Download APK + OBB file
2. Extract the zip files by WinRar
3) Install APK file
4) Obb folder move to Sdcard/android/obb/
5) Enjoy playing the game

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