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Among the popular music genres around the world, K-POP is a music genre that is of great interest. K-POP originated from Korea, and the country is very popular with many big groups. We can mention some familiar names such as BIGBANG, DBSK, BlackPink, LOONA, and many other groups. In particular, BTS is a boy band that is very interested in recently. They became more famous in the world thanks to appearing in some cultural programs in Europe.

To help people better understand this group, Netmarble Corporation producer has released BTS WORLD. With this game, you have the opportunity to become a manager and help your team members become more popular. The management of the group includes many different issues and requires you to have an agile planning arrangement.

BTS WORLD APK Mod will bring people back to the timeline in 2013, and you must create a beautiful stage for this group to debut successfully. The work to prepare for the debut event is very complicated, and you need to overcome many different tasks. BTS has a maximum of 7 members with different personalities and abilities. Therefore, you need to capture the strengths of each member of the group and make reasonable arrangements to create a great group.

To create a good group, you need to recruit members and train them. In this game, you will have to search and collect all seven members. Each character will have different stories, and you need to overcome some challenges to be able to recruit the characters you want. To recruit characters, you must pass different chapters, and each chapter will bring up private conversations. With the duty of a manager, you need to try to convince the members to cooperate with you and sign a contract with the management company. Completing each chapter will help you get some rewards to upgrade characters.

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