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In addition to games that have complex gameplay and require players to have plenty of time to get used to, there are many games with simple gameplay to explore. Games of this type often have easy to understand content; they bring fun challenges and do not take you much time to control. The current trend of mobile games is to engage in simple and fast-paced challenges. If you want to experience an easy-to-understand game and match your own little relaxation time, Bricks n Balls is one of the options that suit you. It was recently released by Cheetah Games and promises to bring a lot of fun experiences for you.

Bricks n Balls for iOS brings you a new and addictive ball shooting challenge. This game will give you the balls with certain numbers and requires you to destroy the brick walls that appear on each level. With this exciting task, you can quickly get used to the challenge and get the best time to relax.

The brick walls are prepared with many different bricks; each brick will be numbered differently. The numbers displayed in each brick will correspond to the number of balls you need to use to destroy them. To destroy the bricks, you have to touch the balls on the screen of the device and drag to select different firing directions. You are provided with some different balls on each level. Therefore, you need to make a reasonable calculation when making shots. After each shot, the brick wall will automatically move down to the bottom of the device’s screen. If you do not quickly destroy the brick wall and let them touch down under your shadow position, the challenge will end.

With the mission of shooting and destroying brick walls, you will join the experience at different levels. Each level will be designed and arranged with individual brick walls to challenge your thinking. Each destroyed brick will help you get different scores. So try to destroy the brick wall to complete the challenge and create good scores.

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