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Big hunter APK Game Free Download – an interesting android game where you will help the head of the tribe, destroy the mammoth. In this game you will find yourself in a prehistoric world where mammoths and homo sapiens existed side by side. In this cruel world, people were going to die to feed their tribe. So in this game, the main character, the leader of the tribe, decided to kill a mammoth alone in order to feed his village to a desperate act. Take a spear in your hands and show in practice all your skill and accuracy, in throwing a spear while hunting for a mammoth. Aim, building the path of the spear, and throw it right on target. At all you will have a small amount of time for which you must destroy the enemy. Complete more than 100 levels and set your record in this game.

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​An intense hunting game of starving tribal people!
Hunt the primeval gigantic animals!

Long time ago, a bushman tribe lived in an outback town.
People were starving to death because of continuous droughts
The leader of the tribe goes out for hunting every day for living…..

Big Hunter is a dynamic physics game that hunts gigantic primeval animals with spear, axe and boomerang. Become the world’s best hunter with a variety of weapons!

Big Hunter Features:
– Easy control with addictive touch of hitting
– Hunting game based on dynamic physics
– Simple but outstanding graphic design
– Rhythmical game sounds
– An unexpected ending and an impressive story
– Compete rankings with hunters around the world

v2.9.1 Mod: a lot of money

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