Beat hazard 2 MOD APK Download Android 1

Beat Hazard is the continuation of an excellent space shooter on Android, using music to randomly generate levels that will respond to each song. The new part of the game also added randomly generated ships and bosses that are the result of your choice of music. Each track in the game has its own tone and rhythm, which affect the course of the game. Beat Hazard 2 improves and glows to the limit of a destructive feeling from the destruction of opponents to their own music. Upgrade your ship and watch how the music increases its firepower. Maximize your weapon skills and set the heat of enemies. In addition to your own songs downloaded on the device, you can now play music from various streaming services: Spotify, Amazon Music and other services.


Support for all music formats
mp3, wma, flac, ogg, aac, m4a, wav, aiff
ShoutCAST Internet Radio
Play with thousands of radio stations from around the world!
Procedurally generated bosses
Which monsters will your music set free?
Record tables for each song.
Fight against friends and win in your favorite tracks.
Improved visuals and lighting
The Coolest Soundtrack
Composer – Unrivaled Johnny Frizz

v1.29 Original
05/10/2020 – No changes indicated.

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