Alpha Guns 2 APK MOD Download For Android

Alpha Guns 2 APK Game Free Download – control a fearless hero who single-handedly decided to save the world. In this game you will go on an exciting journey, where you will move to different locations and fight with a mad scientist, strong robots and other enemies. Use in the battle with rivals a variety of equipment and abilities of the hero and save the world once again. Dive to the seabed, explore the secret laboratory and climb onto the roof of a skyscraper. Use fantastic and destructive weapons, as well as get ready to meet with strong bosses that are not so easy to win. Complete all dangerous missions and pump your hero.

Be a hero and save the world in Alpha Guns 2 where you can jump and shoot all the various enemies like tanks, drones, powerful bosses, sentries and much more. They have many weapons which they can use such as shotguns, grenades, rocket launchers, laser guns, and other dangerous weapons.

Get ready to face an army of foes which are armed to the teeth, you can also upgrade your weapons and your gear to get even stronger to dominate your enemies.
Use special powers such as an airstrike, heavy machine gun drone, light machine gun drone and syringes which make you immortal for the duration. Switch your weapons and carry multiple powerful weapons like a Chaser gun, Phoenix machine gun, Nuclear blaster and Weapon X.

With original missions to explore and many achievements to complete you will always have a new challenge waiting for you. The game is very easy to play and is completely FREE! It can also be played offline when necessary. With great music and sound effects, the game will surely be a lot of fun to play.


v8.7 Mod: a lot of money. Original

07/08/2019 – Bugs fixed

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