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Age of Civilizations is an Android strategy where you have to develop your country and capture other people’s territories. To begin with, you are given maps on which you can see the population of other countries, and their economy. Areas that are not marked with any color on the map are neutral and you can get them. Develop your country, keep track of all the cash flows in it and direct them to the maintenance of the army. Depending on the type of troops and the number of units of equipment, the necessary amount of money is calculated. Give orders to your army to move to nearby territories and attack other states. Create alliances with other civilizations and forgive them of military assistance in the fight against the enemy. Follow all the movements of the enemy and do not let him capture you.

v1.15_AoC2 Original
12/05/2018 – Fixed bug S8
– Random games Correction of corrections
– Name of provinces
– New scenario: World War II – 1942
– New: sandbox mode
– New: borders
– New: color of civilization
– New: army type instead of economic type
– New language: Português
– New language: Čeština
– Achievement scale
– New language: Nederlands
– New language: العربية
– New language: Italiano
– The user can select Civilization in the random game mode.
– New: Random game -> Civilization
– New language: 日本語
– AI improvements: Diplomacy
– New language: 한국어

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