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Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 Draw vector images without limiting your imagination.

AdobeIllustrator CC is part of Creative Cloud™. That means you have access to all the latest updates and future releases the moment they’re available. Sharpen your skills and master new tools with a rich and growing library of training videos. And Creative Cloud is integrated with Behance®, so you can share your projects and get immediate feedback from creatives around the world.
Touch Type tool
Design with type in a powerful new way. Characters can now be manipulated like individual objects. Experiment with moving, scaling, and rotating, knowing you can change the font or edit at any time. And you can now use multitouch devices as well as a mouse or stylus.

Images in brushes
Paint with a brush made from a photo. Art, Pattern, and Scatter brushes can contain raster images, so you can create complex organic designs quickly — with simple brush strokes. As with all Illustrator brushes, your strokes can be reshaped and modified at will.

Font search
Find the perfect font — fast. In the Character panel, type a style such as “bold” or “italic,” a font family, or any other part of a font name. You’ll get a filtered view that lets you see just the fonts that match your criteria.

Sync Fonts
Sync Fonts — part of Creative Cloud — will change the way you work with type. Quickly find the perfect font from the growing library of Adobe® Typekit® fonts, sync it to your system, and have it immediately available for use.

Multiple-file place
Import multiple files into your Illustrator layout at the same time and with new control. Now you can define the location and scale of your files — images, graphics, and text — and use new thumbnail views to see where each file will go and how big it will be.

Illustrator CC (2017) New Features:
Create pixel-perfect artwork
Draw paths and shapes that seamlessly align to the pixel grid. Align existing artwork with a single click or by using simple transformations. Preserve Live Shapes and rounded corners, maintain alignment when scaling and rotating objects, and manually nudge segments and end points into perfect alignment.

Find fonts faster
Mark individual fonts as favorites to quickly find the one you need. Filter your list to see fonts you’ve recently used, find other fonts that are similar to one you like, or find fonts based on classifications like serif or handwritten.

Work easier with glyphs
Use alternate glyphs for any character by simply selecting the character and choosing from an in-context menu. View and insert your most recently used glyphs, and sort glyphs for faster browsing.

Get started faster
Jumpstart design projects with easy access to presets as well as free Adobe Stock templates that you can access right from File > New.

Stock templates and search
Adobe Stock marketplace includes new design templates and now you can drag and drop Stock search results from your Library panel right into your canvas and start using them right away. Plus, you can right-click on a stock image to do a visual search for similar images.

New Creative Cloud Libraries capabilities
Libraries in Illustrator now support Adobe Stock templates. Plus, Send Link has been updated so you can now share read-only access to a public library. When you follow a library, it appears in your Library panel and updates automatically.

Creative Cloud Assets improvements
Archive and restore all your assets stored in Creative Cloud, including the ones in your Creative Cloud Libraries, assets created with CC desktop products, and mobile projects.

Introducing Typekit Marketplace
Now you can buy fonts from some of the industry’s biggest names and use them in your Illustrator projects. Typekit uses its font sync and web technologies to deliver your Marketplace fonts anywhere you need them.

Font and text enhancements
See a live preview by hovering over the font list with selected text, place loaded text inside a container, or fill a container with placeholder text to better visualize your designs. Easily work with type objects that have a common font family but different styles, and vice-versa.

System requirements


Intel Pentium 4 or 64-bit AMD Athlon processor.
Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
1 GB of RAM (3 GB recommended) for 32 bits; 2 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended) for 64 bit.
2 GB of available hard disk space for installation; Additional free space is required during installation (can not be installed on removable flash storage devices).
Screen resolution of 1024 × 768 (1280 × 800 recommended).
To view Illustrator in high-resolution PPP mode, the monitor must have a resolution of 1920 × 1080 or higher.
OpenGL 4.x.
To use Illustrator’s new touch workspace, you must have a tablet or monitor that has the touch screen turned on and work with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is recommended).
Optional: to use GPU performance: an Intel, NVIDIA or AMD video adapter is required (recommended high or medium range); 1 GB of VRAM (2 GB recommended) and the latest drivers for optimum performance.
The following video adapter series support the new Windows GPU performance features in Illustrator:

NVIDIA Quadro K Series
NVIDIA Quadro 6xxx
NVIDIA Quadro 5xxx
NVIDIA Quadro 4xxx
NVIDIA Quadro 2xxx
NVIDIA Quadro 2xxxD
NVIDIA Quadro 6xx
NVIDIA GeForce GTX Series (4xx, 5xx, 6xx, 7xx, 9xx, Titan)
NVIDIA Quadro M Series
Important: Microsoft Windows may not detect the availability of the latest device drivers for NVIDIA GPU cards. If you want to get the latest device drivers for GPU cards, go to:
 – Serie Quadro
 – Other series
Intel HD Graphics 4600 Series
Intel HD Graphics 5000 Series
Iris 5000 Series Intel Graphics
Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5000 Series
Intel HD Graphics Series 6000
Iris 6000 Series Intel Graphics
The following series is only supported on Windows 8 or later:
AMD Radeon R9 Graphics Series
AMD Radeon R7 Graphics Series
AMD Radeon HD 7000 Graphics Series
AMD Radeon HD 8000 Graphics Series
AMD FirePro V Graphics Series
AMD FirePro W Graphics Series
Note: Make sure you have the latest GPU card drivers installed. See GPU Performance in Illustrator | Driver Updates.
It is necessary to have an Internet connection and to register to activate the software and validate the obligatory credits, and to access the online services. *

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