[2019] Clash of Lights MOD APK Download

Clash of Lights: Download the Latest 2018 Edition Here

CLash Of Lights Mod Apk

Clash Of Lights Mod Apk Download

Clash Of Light Download Apk


Are You Looking For Clash Of Lights Mod Apk 2019V? Well its one of the well known game server as quite similar to Clash Of Clans.But at the same time Clash Of Lights will help you to defeat opponents and overcome your limitation in the game. We are here with the detailed article

Clash Of Lights: Download Clash of Lights Private Server

Now, everyone reading this probably already know about Clash of Clans, am I right? In legal terms, I am. People always ask for more and they might be looking for a superior version of an old gem COC which has rocked the market since the game hit the official stores. Anyways, we’ll talk about the legacy some other day, right now our main concern is the different version for which you’re looking for and trusts me it’s worth your time. So, presenting Clash of Lights and down below are specifications and downloading options of the same.

How to play Clash of Lights:

So, what is this game which is dominating the apk market each day? What’s so special about the game? Clash of Lights is almost the same as Coc in terms of characters and village mode.

Everything else about this game is unique and that’s what makes it special. You can literally do whatever you want to here which is quite impossible in the odd version.’

There are no limits in the number of troops you can cook and oven as many spells as you like. There are no limits to storage wise, isn’t it amazing? I bet it is.

I’ve personally tested this version and I’m so fascinated with the features it comes with. You can practice here, clash here and then show your training skills in the original version and to be very frank, I loved this version more than I liked the official one.

Clash of Lights:


Unlimited Troops: Are you tired of playing with the limited amount of troops? Do you miss out total annihilation because you lack just a single troop? It used to happen with me before and it is seriously annoying but now, I’m satisfied because this version lets me cook an infinite number of troops and due to it I always find myself with all the 3 stars in my pocket.

Unlimited gems: Gems are worth spending because it upgrades anything instantly but, those green crystals are way too expensive, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry since we have your back. This version supports unlimited gems so, upgrade anything instantly.

Unique Heroes: The normal version has the good old king and beautiful queen which are more than enough but since we take things in an utmost way we created some extra heroes which will save the village with their lives and they fight like a warrior too. Goblin King, Golem King, etc are some of the legendary heroes we have listed in this game.

clash of light heroes

Unlimited defences and buildings: So, you upgrade to the fullest and there is still free space left, those annoying trees start to appear and it spoils the look of the base. Well, from now onwards utilize every inch of space which is available because every you can add as many defences and buildings as you like.

Clash of Lights

App Name Clash of Lights

App Size 67Mb

Latest Version 3.4.8
Root Required No
Version Required 4.1.1
Specifications Clash of Lights is a Unique version of COC and, here, it lets you build limitlessly. Download the Game right here.

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Clash of Lights: How to Download:

Clash of lights download

Step 1:

Start the downloading procedure by clicking the button above you. Once clicked it’ll start the download. [Make you’re you’ve enabled unknown sources option in your settings. Why is it essential? It lets you downloading anything from online sites.

If you haven’t enabled it then don’t worry, before it downloads, the page will automatically redirect you to settings]

Step 2:

Once the downloading begin, wait for it until it’s get done. Now, find the file in the file manager or in the download section. It’ll be available on your device. Once you found out the file then simply click on it and Run Install.

Step 3:

Finding the above guide complicated? Follow this video tutorial down below and get it done easily.

Clash of lights is definitely a game worth spending your time on.

The game is totally safe and no bugs are there to be found.

The game is personally tested and then kept forward for our users so, download and play without any hesitations.

Following is the video tutorial gameplay for Clash of Lights: The tutorial will make you understand about the aspects of this game and what you need to know before downloading it.

Some frequently asked questions about Clash of Lights:
Question No.1: Will I get any further updates just as I get in normal versions?

Yes, you’ll get the notifications for any new updates so don’t worry about it.

Question No.2: Can I join clans and play wars?

Yes, you can join clans and play wars, it is almost the same as COC, I’ve already explained the actual difference between the two in the given article mentioned above.

Question No.3: Is the game safe as I’m not downloading it from an official store? :

Yes, the game is totally safe and out of bugs so don’t worry.

Question No.4: Can I download Clash of Lights in IOS? :

No, It can only be possible if you jailbreak your phone.

Question No.5: Can I download Clash of Lights in pc/desktop? :

Yes, it is possible, just follow the instructions with the download button and you’re good to go with.

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