Download Directx 9,10,11,11.2 Full Setup for Windows

Directx11 is an Application Programming Interface which enhanced the graphical experience for the Games and Multimedia application. So Directx11 is the excellent tool to improve the visual expeierence , The present version of the Directx is 11

Download Directx 9,10,11,11.2 Full Setup for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 32 bit 64 bit

  • Directx 11 Features :

A compute shader is a programmable shader designed for general-purpose data-parallel processing. In other words, compute shaders allow a GPU to be used as a general-purpose parallel processor. The compute shader is similar to the other programmable pipeline shaders (such as vertex, pixel, geometry) in the way that it accesses inputs and outputs. The compute shader technology is also known as the DirectCompute technology. A compute shader is integrated into Direct3D and is accessible through a Direct3D device. It can directly share memory resources with graphics shaders by using the Direct3D device. However, it is not directly connected to other shader stages.
A compute shader is designed for mass-market applications that perform computations at interactive rates, when the cost of transitioning between the API (and its associated software stack) and a CPU would consume too much overhead.
A compute shader has its own set of states. A compute shader does not necessarily have a forced 1-1 mapping to either input records (like a vertex shader does) or output records (like the pixel shader does). Some features of the graphics shader are supported, but others have been removed so that new compute shader-specific features could be added.
To support the compute shader-specific features, several new resource types are now available, such as read/write buffers, textures, and structured buffers.

Direct X FAQ for Newbies:
  • What is DirectX?
    • DirectX is a Microsoft Tool and it is a collection of large application Program interface. It is very useful for better video experience and gaming experience.
  • Do I need DirectX for my Windows System?
    • Yes. You need DirectX for better visual effects, sounds, to run latest games and to use multimedia software.
  • Is DirectX 11 compatible with Windows 8?
    • Yes, Microsoft Directx11 compatible with Windows 8.You can update DirectX windows 8 

How to Installer Direct X 11 in Windows:

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